Architecture & construction

New York’s recently completed Freedom Tower took 10 years to build. Who designed and constructed it? You’re probably not surprised to learn that architects, civil engineers, construction laborers, cement masons, concrete finishers, and structural iron and steel workers participated in its development. You’ve also likely thought about the elevator installers and repairers who installed 73 elevators, or about the HVAC mechanics and installers, plumbers, and electricians who created a healthy environment inside the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

Think a bit more deeply and you’ll realize that cost estimators and operations research analysts used their mathematics and analytic skills to help make decisions about the nearly $4 billion spent to construct the building. People in management positions coordinated the work of specialty trade contractors to ensure they provided quality work in a timely manner.

While New Mexico may not build a skyscraper the size of the Freedom Tower any time soon, the state’s construction industry is expected to grow and show increases in the occupations mentioned above. These occupations require educational backgrounds that range from high school diplomas to graduate degrees. Workers may find employment with plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractors landscaping businesses; electrical contractors; federal,
state, and local government; and commercial building companies.