Government & Public Administration

Government ensures that citizens have vital services that they might not otherwise be able to access. Government employees provide regulatory oversight and support for transportation, public safety, healthcare, education, utilities, and courts. In New Mexico, most government employees work for state or local governments. However, there are many opportunities for federal government jobs through a major presence of the National Research Laboratories and Department of Defense. Occupations in government mirror careers found in almost every industry. They range from a number of business, management, and administrative occupations to jobs related to construction and transportation.

Public work sector jobs typically require the same educational requirements as private sector occupations. Government employees’ work schedules and environments depend on workers’ specific jobs and at time on the size and level of government. This cluster includes desk jobs with regular eight hour workdays as well as outdoor work with varying schedules. While hiring practices for most government workers are similar to those in other sectors, some public sector employees are elected or appointed to their jobs.