Human Services

From customer service representatives to mental health counselors to hairdressers, human services workers provide a wide range of assistance to individuals and families. People who choose to work in this cluster usually have a deep desire to enrich and make life easier for others. The Personal Care & Service and Community & Social Services industries show the largest projected job growth rate in New Mexico over the next 10 years, and is among the top 10 for total numbers of new jobs during that time.

What kinds of services do human services customers need? They may benefit from rehabilitation therapy psychological assistance help with daily activities such as meal preparation or housekeeping, spiritual guidance or health education. Their needs have an impact on where workers provide services. Psychologists and Social and Community Service Managers are likely to work in office settings. Others, like clergy and social workers, may work part of the time in an office and also visit people at home.

Since the services provided in this industry vary greatly, workers in this cluster have educational backgrounds that range from high school diplomas to doctorates. They may also need credentials such as certifications and licenses. Day care centers, fitness and sports centers, social assistance organizations and local and state government tend to offer more human services jobs than other work settings.